Heartwood by the Sea, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I’m enjoying a holiday in Nova Scotia. I’m travelling to a few different places in the province and have already found quite a few nice gluten free and vegan foods and meals. One of my favourite meals was lunch at Heartwood by the Sea in downtown Halifax.

There are two Heartwood restaurants in Halifax which serve a selection of vegan and vegetarian foods including a number of gluten free options. I’m going to check out the restaurants on Quinpool road and Göttingen whilst I am here but today I enjoyed lunch at the pop up on the waterfront.

The menu is fairly extensive and includes vegan bowls as well as baked goods like cookies and energy bars.

I discovered veganism after diagnosis I was lactose intolerant. I found it easy to embrace as a vegetarian and having a coeliac disease too but sometimes it can feel frustrating looking for places I can eat safely.

I explained my dietary requirements including my nut allergy and was recommended to try the rainbow bowl. The rainbow bowl has brown rice, steamed green vegetables, roasted sweet potato and beetroots and tofu. All served up with a choice of sauce. As I’m allergic to nuts I went for the spicy tomato sauce. The food was delicious and suited my allergies and requirements perfectly.

Also impressive was the commitment to environmental responsibility. With biodegradable straws, bowls and cutlery as well as organic ingredients Heartwood by the Sea definitely won me over. And the little birds enjoyed the leftover rice too.


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