Oh My Cod! Finding gluten free vegan eating in Mahone Bay, Canada

I’m on holiday in Nova Scotia, an area known for its seafood, so I was fairly worried about finding food that suited my dietary needs as a lactose intolerant, coeliac vegetarian.

I actually didn’t need to worry as I’ve found many places to be accomodating and helpful.

Today that place was Oh My Cod! in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Whilst my husband tucked into a local delicacy I was delighted to discover their gluten free menu including gluten free chips, gluten free sandwich bread and gluten free batter should you want to try the seafood. I had The Herbivore sandwich which contains humous, grilled slices of pepper, onion, rocket and avocado.

Served with rustic chips (with bits of skin left on hurrah) and a guarantee of gluten free due to the separate fryers.

I’ve really enjoyed meal at Oh My Cod! It’s definitely a reminder to check out options for vegans and coeliacs where you would least expect it!


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