Carrot, coriander, coconut and chilli soup

I’ve been fighting off flu all week so too boost my immune system I’m making a fantastic soup with all the nutrients too keep me going. Tasty as well. 

I start by peeling and chopping 8 good sized carrots. I chop roughly because I’m going to blend the soup later and also I’m a bit lazy when I’m poorly. I’m popping these into my slow cooker as I’m going to embrace the easiest way of cooking today. 

Carrots are a great ingredient for any illness fighting food. They are high in vitamins including vitamin C. 

Add a handful of finely chopped coriander. This will give the soup and aromatic and warm taste that will make the soup delicious as well as a good aid to fighting off any bugs or viruses.

A couple of finely chopped red chillis (I am including the seeds for an extra hit) will help clear sinuses and add a hit of warmth to the soup. 

Add a can of light coconut milk and some warm water until the carrots are just covered and then pop the slow cooker on to do the hard work for you. 

When the carrots are soft blend the soup and serve warm. Tasty perfect for seeing off seasonal illnesses. 


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