Gluten Free Cafe, Norwich

Visiting my sister in law last weekend I popped across a lovely surprise in the heart of Norwich when I found The Gluten Free Cafe just around the corner from Norwich Castle.

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Caramel Soya Latte and Gluten Free Ginger Cake – so naughty

All the food and drinks sold are 100% gluten free and they have a great shop upstairs with a variety of gluten free products available.

Being quite a frosty morning I was ready for a warm coffee and was really pleased to see that although the primary focus is gluten free the cafe offered a wide choice of milk and milk alternatives including soya and coconut as well as lactofree milk and milk products as well. It’s really great to find so many options available for allergy, intolerance and ethically limited diets. Caramel soya latte all the way for me.

They also served a range of different meals, cakes and take away lunches as well. I’m actually lactose intolerant and have a couple of allergies as well as coeliac disease so I still needed to check the ingredients but the owner had a file with all the products served in and their full ingredients. The ginger cake is perfect and went nicely with my coffee whilst my husband and sister in law did tuck into some chocolatey delights.

In the shop there were a range of gluten free alternative and naturally gluten free products. Quite a few are items you can find in the supermarket free from aisle but others are harder to find or more unusual, gluten and dairy free Worcester sauce is something I’m hoping to get stuck into soon. The edamame spaghetti is lovely too.

Speaking to the owner I learnt that she and many members of her family have coeliacs disease which is what inspired her to set up, she started with just a shop and the cafe is a new venture opened in January 2016.

It’s definitely well worth the visit any time you are in Norwich and great to support them in their venture, hopefully one day it will lead to many more gluten free cafe’s around the UK in the future.

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