Sesame carrot salad

I’m also whipping up a colourful, tasty and Thai inspired salad ready to put on a smile on my face come Monday lunchtime. As a lactose intolerant coeliac nipping out of the office at lunch to find food can be pretty difficult so I always take a healthy meal with me.

POst 35 photo

This dish is full of gorgeous flavours and simple as anything. Being full of antioxidant properties as well as Vitamins A & K and lots of fibre carrots make a brilliant salad base. Carrots also bring a crunchy focal point to a salad and really make this meal. I’m using my spiraliser just to make it more attractive and exciting to eat. If you have a spiraliser peel 2 medium carrots and spiralise, if not peeling and the grating or chopping carrots into batons will have a similar effect.

Although obviously not suitable for soya allergy sufferers I absolutely love edamame beans and they are a great source of protein and fibre and I add a liberal handful of shelled edamame beans to the salad.

Top your salad bowl up with sweetcorn and add a couple of sliced spring onions. I serve this salad with sesame seeds and a gluten free tamari. I love the Clearspring gluten free tamari as it is organic and great for my body as well as the earth. I can’t wait for Monday lunch time now!


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