Eating out free from – Prezzo

Continuing to adapt after diagnosis with allergies, Coeliac’s disease or lactose intolerance is really hard and this past year has been quite a struggle. It can also be hard not to run to safety foods and to actually try to push your own boundaries. Since I was ill and following diagnosis I’ve rarely eaten out but I’m trying to push myself and in doing so have found a brilliant Coeliac UK approved solution in the form of Prezzo.

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When we ordered drinks I chatted to the manager about my dietary requirements (Coeliac, lactose intolerant, vegetarian, allergic to nuts, allergic to mushrooms – phew!) and they were really helpful straight away. I was amazed when they brought over a copy of their gluten free menu for me to have a look at. Seriously impressive – there was a real selection with many of the pizzas available on a gluten free base , gluten free pasta options as well as grill options.

As well as the gluten free menu the manager printed me a full and up to date allergy menu for both the gluten free menu, the full menu and the January 2016 specials menu which details all the common allergens including gluten, lactose, soya, nuts and more. I opted for the gluten free Penne Arrabiata, the only allergen in this is celery – which I really love and can eat without problems.

It’s fairly straight forward food but having access to all the info is so useful and makes you feel in control of your dining experience regardless of dietary requirements.

A big thumbs up for Prezzo on the free from front, will see you again for more Italian food soon. – gluten and lactose free options can be searched on their menu online too!!



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