10 Minute Vegan Dinnertime

Having invested in a spiraliser this week it seems likely that I will be eating (and you will be reading about) plenty of curly fruit and vegetables over the next few weeks.

Post 33 Photo

It has already had a big impact and meant I can cook an amazing, coeliac friendly, vegan dinner in 10 minutes flat – heaven for mid week meals. I’ve started off simple with courgette spaghetti and popped together a quick chilli, tomato and avocado dressing.

Start by spiralising 2 medium courgettes, courgette are a really healthy green food, they are high in vitamin C and antioxidants but really low in calories and fat. I always find they have a mellow and almost creamy taste which is why I’ve chosen them as my gluten free spaghetti replacement. I found that chopping the courgettes in half made it easier to spiralise but the whole process took a couple of minutes even though it was my first time.

Steaming vegetables is a much healthier way to cook vegetables and maintain their nutritional value. I have a great microwave steamer and popped the courgette straight in and on for 4 minutes on 800 watts. Some steamers and some vegetables require water to cook but courgette has such a high water content there is no need to use any additional water.

Whilst the courgette spaghetti steams I whipped up a really quick and rustic tomato suace which takes about 5 minutes to cook. Heat a teaspoon of olive oil in a small pan on a high heat and a handful of chopped cherry tomatoes, a small amount of chopped chilli and a clove of chopped garlic. I also used a tiny bit of ground rock salt and black pepper to add some more flavour, keep cooking on a high heat. At the same time as that cooks I whizz into action chopping an avocado.

Once the courgette spaghetti and the sauce has cooked serve straight away with the tomato sauce and avocado; a really delicious spirally vegetable dish – certainly the first of many!


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