Homemade Vegan Chocolate

Post 28 photo 2

In the downtime between Christmas and New Year I am going to put a lovely gift to good use and tell you all about it.

Following an illness last year a severe lactose intolerance is one of a few triggered dietary requirements. I’ve been veggie for years but always still enjoyed chocolate and cheese which I have really missed in the last year, over Christmas when I have seen so much food eaten and not been able to share in family and friends meals it has really been quite tough. Imagine my delight then when on Christmas day I unwrapped a vegan chocolate making kit. That’s right. A VEGAN CHOCOLATE MAKING KIT.

Choc Chico’s does state on the box it is for children but I plan on having a great time away.

The kit contains 100% organic ingredients and has pure cocoa butter, cocoa powder, natural fruit based sweetener and also 3 whole cocoa beans.

You start by melting the cocoa butter over a bain marie so it can heat through gently. When fully melted remove the bowl from the heat and gently mix with cocoa powder and sweetener.

Post 28 Photo 1
Melting cocoa butter

The great thing about making your own chocolate like this is you can add your own flavouring and paying homage to festive flavour I have added dried cranberry and poured the chocolate into small paper cases with cranberry at the bottom and topped with a single cranberry.

Leave to set in the freezer and all sorted. A fantastic, fun to make chocolate gift which is much, much tastier than most vegan chocolate.


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