My favourite spot for a bowl of (rice) noodles

Before diagnosis as a lactose intolerant Coeliac I tended to eat most frequently at small and independent cafes and restaurants. I still like too but it can be a lot harder however one of the most amazing places I have found I can eat is at Wagamama’s.

A few weeks after diagnosis I had quite an exhaustive internet search for restaurants I could eat at safely. I found it really difficult because balancing Coeliacs’s disease, lactose intolerance, vegetarianism and an allergy to nuts and mushrooms makes it really difficult to find options. What I love about the Wagamama website is you can select multiple filters and allergies to do a really thorough search.

Since diagnosis in April 2015 I have eaten at Wagamama’s quite a number of times and discovered that Wagamama’s managers attend training on allergy and dietary requirements to allow them to advise carefully and accurately on what dishes could be suitable and what could be substituted. Always ask for the manager when they sort you a seat and explain you could do with a glance at the allergy menu

I personally love the Yasai Itame (which I have without mushrooms, it is a rice noodle soup (good for the Coeliac’s and full of veggies and tofu to pack me full of protein and vitamins. Tasty and perfect.

Living in Sheffield I’ve been quite a few times to the Meadowhall branch where Hayley the manager is amazing for dietary requirements and allergies, even brining me a free pudding to try after checking it was OK for me!

Tasty, easy to find in most towns and a total treat for Coeliacs, Vegans and anyone really with any dietary needs.Post 27 photo


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