Christmas Wellington – Vegan and Gluten Free

It’s a little while since Christmas day but I’m still remembering the wonderful vegan and gluten free Wellington that we enjoyed on the day.

The filling is made from sweet potato, tofu, spinach, shallot and a light gravy stock.

I have cheated with the pastry and used Jus Rol Gluten Free pastry which is also vegan. This cheat is far from ideal but as I had other Christmas dinner duties I didn’t feel too guilty.


Pesto Stuffed Butternut Squash

A seasonal favourite of mine is roasted butternut squash. This stuffed squash with pesto and vegetables is a perfect festive main course for vegans and is gluten free so perfect for me as a coeliac too.

Start by preparing the squash. Split it evenly down the middle and clean out the seeds and pulp.

Cross the butternut squash with a deep knife which will allow the squash to roast consistently. Drizzle with a little cooking oil and basil and pop into the oven for approximately 45 minutes on a high heat.

Whilst the squash is roasting I cook the vegetable stuffing and pesto mix. Chop courgette and peppers into fine squares and cook in a frying pan with pesto. I use the Sacla free from red pesto as it’s free from gluten and dairy. Cook for about 20 minutes and then add the vegetables to the squash, packing out the seeds area and topping the whole squash. I then add vegan cheese (Sheese is my favourite brand) and return to the oven for a further 15 minutes.

I’m really looking forward to tucking into this over the Christmas period and hope you enjoy it too.

Parsnip and Coconut Curry

The festive period is an excellent time to tuck into a winter veg favourite. Rather than roasting, mashing or souping this recipe uses the warmth and versatility of the parsnip to set off some excellent flavours. 

Start by warming a little coconut oil in a large pan. I use a Le Creuset casserole dish as it gives me the consistent heat and even cook I’m looking for. 

Add chopped red chilli, chopped garlic, minced ginger and a little chopped coriander the coconut oil and start to stir through. Then add parsnips diced to approx 1cm cubes. 

Saute off the parnsip a little to give it a softer texture then add drained, cooked chickpeas and sliced spring onions. 

Stir so the vegetables saute evenly in the coconut oil and spices. Then add fresh plum tomatoes, tomato puree and coconut milk. Turn the heat down to a medium setting and simmer for approximately 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. 

When cooked this dish is ideal served with rice to keep it gluten free!

Spinach and Feta Rolls (gluten and lactose free) 

I’m feeling festive… from about October normally and I’ve been practising different gluten and lactose free options for Christmas. 

Last month I tried some fig and vegan cream cheese pastry tartlets and this weekend I’ve gone savoury and tried some spinach and “feta” sausage rolls. 

As a lactose intolerant coeliac you can imagine my joy when I discovered gluten free, vegan Jus Rol puff pastry in the dairy free section of my local supermarket. At the moment allergens and free from is expanding so rapidly I seem to find something new every time. This pastry is easy to roll out, shape and eat. It’s delicious. It’s such a cheat to use ready made pastry and I’m so happy coeliacs and vegans can cheat too. 

Open the pastry packaging, roll out the pastry and let it warm a little after the fridge whilst you prepare the filling. 

I say prepare. It’s really not a tricky recipe this one. Wilt 100g spinach. I’m using my microwave steamer for 30 seconds so the spinach softens but retains some substance and doesn’t go watery. Layer the spinach in a line throughout the length of the pastry. About an inch from the edge of the pastry. Then slice your “feta” I am using a vegan Greek style cheese made with coconut milk which is very exciting. I make long slices approximately 5 mm wide. Layer the feta (or substitute) on top of the spinach. 

Take the inch of pasty and roll it over the top of the filling and press down firmly. Then roll the filling and pastry over to create a full sausage roll effect. 

I use a little soya butter to hold the very top down and then chop the long pastry length into inch long pastries. 

Pop into the oven and cook for approximately 30 minutes. This is a really enjoyable and incredibly easy recipe suitable for free fromers and more. 

Gluten free, vegan Christmas pasta

I am one of those people who LOVES Christmas. As soon as the leaves turn and the nights stat drawing in I start humming festive jingles and yearning for mulled wine and cosy fluffy socks.


I’m getting in seasonal spirits today and cooking a delicious Christmassey pasta full of tasty flavours and using some new exciting ingredients.

As a coeliac with lactose intolerance, plenty of allergies and a vegetarian outlook Christmas can be a time when I watch other people eat and feel left out. To be honest I think everyone will want to join me when they see this dish. It’s also incorporating one of the new coconut-milk based cheese alternatives Sainsbury’s has introduced recently.

Start by finely chopping a butternut squash, placing into a roasting pan with a little olive oil and some chopped sage and roasting for approximately 1 hour. Butternut squash is a great Christmas flavour as it is sweet and rich. I always feel butternut squash to be quite luxurious, no matter how frequently I eat it! Once roasted place to one side and allow to cool.

I’m cooking this dish using a maize based gluten free penne but it will work equally well with gluten free gnocchi, spaghetti, or in fact in a risotto –one for me to try another time! Cook the pasta and drain. Stir the cooked pasta in with the roasted squash over a low heat and season with a sprinkle of salt, pepper and fresh sage. Once evenly distributed I am then adding my super exciting ingredient. Chopped vegan Wensleydale with cranberries. Continue to stir as this melts through forming a very light sauce.

Once melted through serve immediately. The combination of squash, sage and cranberries is an incredible Christmas taste, in fact it’s getting me in the mood already… I can hear Home Alone films and Monopoly calling me….

Homemade Vegan Chocolate

Post 28 photo 2

In the downtime between Christmas and New Year I am going to put a lovely gift to good use and tell you all about it.

Following an illness last year a severe lactose intolerance is one of a few triggered dietary requirements. I’ve been veggie for years but always still enjoyed chocolate and cheese which I have really missed in the last year, over Christmas when I have seen so much food eaten and not been able to share in family and friends meals it has really been quite tough. Imagine my delight then when on Christmas day I unwrapped a vegan chocolate making kit. That’s right. A VEGAN CHOCOLATE MAKING KIT.

Choc Chico’s does state on the box it is for children but I plan on having a great time away.

The kit contains 100% organic ingredients and has pure cocoa butter, cocoa powder, natural fruit based sweetener and also 3 whole cocoa beans.

You start by melting the cocoa butter over a bain marie so it can heat through gently. When fully melted remove the bowl from the heat and gently mix with cocoa powder and sweetener.

Post 28 Photo 1
Melting cocoa butter

The great thing about making your own chocolate like this is you can add your own flavouring and paying homage to festive flavour I have added dried cranberry and poured the chocolate into small paper cases with cranberry at the bottom and topped with a single cranberry.

Leave to set in the freezer and all sorted. A fantastic, fun to make chocolate gift which is much, much tastier than most vegan chocolate.