Asparagus with Lemon and Mint Risotto

Risotto is an ideal comfort food for Autumn. As a coeliac and a vegan it makes it an ideal dish to suit all dietary needs.

Start by finely chopping a white onion and starting to fry in a large pan on a high heat. Once the onion has softened add arborio rice and continue to fry until the rice turns a little translucent.

I actually only use wine if I have some open so rather than adding wine at this point I pour over some boiling stock and sizzle off swiftly. Kallo low salt stock cubes are great as they are vegan and gluten free.

Add more stock but turn the heat down to a medium setting so it cooks through solidly.

At this point I add fresh lemon juice and zest grated from the peel. I also add mint to the risotto. One of my top tips for storing fresh herbs is to put it into ice cube trays, pour over water and then freeze. This gives you perfect fresh herbs and saves any waste!

Keep stirring and keep adding stock to the dish as it cooks. I cook the risotto for approximately 15 minutes but keep checking the rice and make sure it is cooked to your taste. When it is close to cooked I’ve added 100g of vegan Greek style cheese. I’ve used the Sainsbury’s brand made with coconut milk.

Whilst the risotto finishes cooking gently steam the asparagus.

Serve the steamed asparagus on top of the risotto for a tasty, comforting meal free from gluten and vegan.


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