Mexican inspired fried rice

As a coeliac I eat a lot of quinoa and rice as a way to bulk up meals and enjoy some carbs. This recipe takes the crisp texture of a fried rice dish and combines it with tasty veg and a little heat.

Start by popping the rice onto cook. I’m using brown rice as the process applied to white rice reduces the nutritional value in white rice. Add rice to a pan of boiling water and leave to cook for 20 minutes stirring regularly.

The time the rice takes to cook is ideal veg preparation time. I’m using a red pepper, a courgette, half a cucumbers large avocado and a number of sweet, small tomatoes. Chop all the veg into small chunks approximately 1cm square.

Once the veg is chopped heat a small amount of oil in a large pan. I’m using Fry Light Avocado as it is lower in calorie and a complementary flavour. Add the chopped pepper and courgette to the pan and cook until slightly softened.

When the brown rice has cooked and been thoroughly drained add it to the pan and continue to fry.

After 10 minutes of cooking the rice should be crisp and tasty. Sprinkle over a dash of cayenne pepper and stir through chopped coriander.

Add the chopped avocado, cucumber and tomato to make a crisp, tasty and warm fried rice salad.

Tucking into this beauty for dinner has me thinking about the spring and summer ahead already.


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