Scrambled Tofu Stir Fry

Silken tofu is an ideal vegan substitute for egg and partners perfectly with stir fry dishes. 

Start by warming a little oil in a large pan or wok. I’m using sesame oil. Once the pan and oil is hot add the tofu first. I start by chopping the silken tofu into squares and adding to the pan. 

As you stir the tofu it will take on a scrambled consistency and will break into smaller pieces. After 10 minutes cooking the tofu add your stir fry veg. I’m using a lot of mixed vegetables but for this dish I’m adding quite a lot of asparagus as it adds crunch and texture. 

Continue to cook with the added vegetables for a further 10 minutes. Add tamarind sauce for the last few minutes. As I’m coeliac I use Clearspring Tamari as unlike other soya sauces it doesn’t contain any wheat or gluten. 

Once cooked serve and enjoy. I’ve added a little sweet chilli sauce too. 


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