‘All in one’ coconut, lime and green vegetable curry

Curry is a Saturday night staple in our house and I love that I can cook a super healthy meal that feels like a real treat. Perfect for coeliacs and vegans like me to boot! 

This meal is delicious and uses some of my favourite ingredients.

Start with a big pan, as the ‘all in one’ may have suggested I actually include the rice in the curry even though I cook it separately initially. That’s why you will need lots of space. 

I use a little Fry light in the bottom of the pot and start to warm on a med high setting. Add chopped red chilli and garlic to start a base and once the chilli and garlic start going add half a chopped white onion. 

The versatility of ingredients you can use in a curry is one of the reasons I love it so much. Today I’m using chopped courgette, mange tout, chickpeas, broad beans and broccoli. Following the ‘all in one’ approach I add all the vegetables into the pot and continue to cook with the garlic and onion in the oil for approximately 5 minutes.

Whilst the vegetables are cooking put some brown rice on to cook. 

Squeeze the juice out of 2 limes into the vegetable pot and then add coconut milk. Turn the heat down to a low medium and leave to simmer for about 30 minutes. In this time the brown rice will have cooked. Drain the rice thoroughly and add to the curry pot. 

Stir the rice through the curry and continue cooking for a few minutes. Now the best bit. Dish up and tuck in. I hope you enjoy my super healthy Saturday treat as much as I do.  


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