Vegan, Coeliac Friendly Fried Noodles

I love crispy fried noodles and before I was diagnosed with coeliac disease (and a few other dietary requirements to boot) I used to love fried noodle dishes at Thai or Chinese restaurants. This is my own version and is still super tasty. 

The veg I’m using in this is a first for me and inspired by the miniature aubergines I found in my local supermarket. I chopped the miniature aubergines (so tiny and cute), a courgette and some green veggies. I used broccoli, green beans and asparagus as I love crunchy seasonal veg and like to get as many into one meal as possible. 

Warm a teaspoon of sesame oil in a wok or frying pan and when warm add the veg directly. Whilst the veg is stir frying I soak rice noodle nests in boiling water. This gives the noodles a more al dente crunch which is perfect for this dish. 

Once the veg is looking well stir fried drain the noodles and add the wok. Make sure the heat is high and then drizzle a little more sesame oil in. The noodles will start to brown and crisp. I use simple flavouring in this dish with a sprinkle of tamari. The Clearspring or Kikkoman gluten free brands are great and easy to get hold of. 

After a few minutes the lovely stir fried noodles and veggies will be all ready. I’ve toppes with some chopped spring onions and toasted sesame seeds just before serving. It’s made an amazing Friday night dinner. Mmmm. 


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