Coriander and green vegetable soup

The delicious, peppery taste of coriander is something I really enjoy. This soup maximises the flavour from the coriander and blends it perfectly with other aromatic flavours. 

Another benefit of this meal is that it is super easy to cook and you will only have one sauce pan to wash! Warm a small amount of oil in a saucepan, then to start the flavour base add chopped garlic, ginger, red chilli, lemongrass and of course coriander to the oil. Sizzle just the herbs and spices for a minute before adding chopped vegetables directly to the pan. 

Once of the benefits of this dish is you can be really versatile with the vegetables. I’m using courgette, pak choi and green pepper. Saute with the flavour for another 3 – 4 minutes. I then add sweetcorn and dried rice noodles. I’m using vermicilli but ribbon noodles are also tasty. 

Cover the noodles with boiling stock. I use Kallo vegetable stock as it coeliac friendly, vegan and available in a low salt variety. 

Turn the heat down to a medium setting and simmer for 10 minutes. Once the noodles are soft it’s time to add the final ingredient. A dash of coconut. I’ve started using the Alpro coconut cream. It’s lower in fat but is also a more subtle flavour which lets the other tastes shine through. 

Top with a sprig of coriander and serve as a tasty coeliac comfort food. 


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