Baked Sweet Potato topped with Curried Chickpeas

Sweet potatoes are a great alternative to a baked potato, they are much higher in fibre and lower in fat and carbohydrate. They also get you a good hit of vitamins A and C. I love them and topped with a tasty, veggie dish they are excellent. 

Prick the potatoes a couple of time and pop in the oven at 200 degrees. It will take 45 minutes – 1 hour to cook and whilst it is you can cook up a delicious, hearty filling. I’m making a curried chickpea topping. 

Start by chopping a white onion and a courgette. Add to a frying pan with a little coconut oil, or for a lower fat alternative use fry light. Cook until soft and the onion is transparent. 

When the onion and courgette is cooked add spice. I’m adding chopped garlic, chopped red chilli and coriander. Then add drained chickpeas and continue to cook on a high heat. 

Once the chickpeas are chewy and cooked pour over a tin of coconut milk. I’m using light coconut milk. Turn the heat right down and cook slowly until it forms a light sauce. 

Once the sweet potato and the cuurry are cooked, dish up and enjoy. I’m serving with a spoonful of Alpro soya yoghurt –  coconut flavour of course! Hope you love it. 


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