I love olive risotto

I really do. Olives are one of my favourite foods. I’m actually away staying in a beautiful coastal cottage in Scotland so this meal has been selected for it’s ease of transport as well as it’s indulgent and tasty nature. Also perfectly filling after a busy day of walking.

For this recipe you will need an onion, black olives, green olives, sundried tomatoes, arborio risotto rice, stock cubes and a little oil (tip. I’m using the olive oil from the jar of tomatoes)

Start by heating a little of the oil in a large pan. Chop the onion finely and add to the heated oil. Once the onion has a slightly translucent look about it add two handfuls of arborio rice and continue to cook. Stir continuously and keep looking for it too to translucent. 

This is the point at which you would often add wine. I’m on holiday so today I’m drinking the wine and the risotto can have the stock instead. I made up just over a pint of vegetable stock using Kallo vegetable stock cubes. They complement the taste being lower in salt and they maintain the gluten and dairy free nature of the dish. 

Add stock and allow to bubble away and simmer quickly. Add stock each time the liquid has simmered off for approximately 20 mins. Whilst the risotto cooks slice the olives and sundried tomatoes. After the rice has started to soften add the slices and continue to cook for a further 20 minutes. 

Once cooked this dish is perfect to tuck into straight away. Mmm. Lovely olives. 


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