Mediterranean Tofu and Chickpeas

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted any blogs about my coeliac, lactose intolerant journey of food discovery. Although I’ve not been posting I have been trying some new and exciting dishes and foods to broaden my horizons and engage my taste buds so I hope you enjoy the next few posts.

Post 48 - Tofu and chickpea salad

As a lactose intolerant vegetarian it can feel hard to pack lots of protein into my daily routine. This warm salad is fantastic and packed with protein. Start with tofu. Made from soya milk tofu is a fab source of protein. Soya proteins are actually considered to actively lower cholesterol making this possibly the healthiest protein you can find! It also contains all 8 of the amino acids found in protein giving you a complete protein fix. For this I’m using the Cauldron ready marinated tofu I used in my green bean recipe. Warm the tofu in a pan with a small amount of olive oil.

This is where the double protein fix comes in as I then add chickpeas to the tofu; chickpeas are a substantial diet staple for many people, including myself. They contribute towards your 5 a day whilst providing protein and being very low in fat. Sauté the chickpeas with the tofu and season with cracked black pepper.

After approximately 5 minutes of cooking the tofu and chickpeas will be ready, stir through with chopped cucumber, black olives and tomatoes for a Mediterranean flavour. Mmmm.


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