Vegetable Patch Soup

Its May Day bank holiday and to celebrate the start of the summer months and hopefully some summer wedding I am making a delicious vegetable soup full of delicious greens that will make it taste like the summer veg patch is overflowing and full.

Post 43 photo

Start by peeling and then chopping and cubing 3 small – medium carrots. Add these to the soup pan or slow cooker. Then chop 2 medium courgettes the same.  Both carrots and courgettes will soften as the soup cooks but do make sure you chop into small pieces as this isn’t a soup we are going to blend.

Then chop a handful of mange tout and baby corn. These light and delicate vegetables really add to the summery taste of the soup. Chop a yellow pepper into small squares and finely slice 2 spring onions. I also love broccoli in this (as well as loving the calcium it brings to my diet) and am using some tenderstem purple sprouting broccoli. I’m chopping the florets and also some of the leaves to go in!

Add chopped parsley and black pepper and then pour over hot vegetable stock. I always use Kallo vegetable stock cubes as they are gluten free and have low salt! To make the stock heartier I used two stock cubes but definitely don’t need to add any salt to the soup!

Cook for a few hours and serve when all the veg is soft and tasty. Amazing and a real vitamin boost.


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