Borlotti bean stew

I’ve been whizzing about all over Yorkshire today and am so pleased to have an amazing slow cooked meal to come back to. Yay for slow cookers.

Post 42 photo

This recipe is really hearty and just what is needed after a busy day. It has a tasty kick with the herbs and is so filling it’s like a hug in a meal. This morning I started by chopping 5 celery stalks, a carrot and half a large white onion, place into the slow cooker and a tin of drained and washed borlotti beans. Borlotti beans are really high in fibre and protein as well as being rich in minerals. I love the smooth but also slightly nutty texture (partly because I’m allergic to nuts and this is close as I can get!!)

These ingredients are perfect for slow cooking as they will soften and taste delicious. Add 3 cloves of finely chopped garlic, chopped parsley and chopped coriander to flavour the stew. Pour over a pint and a half of stock. I use Kallo Vegetable stock cubes as they are gluten and dairy free – great for lactose intolerant coeliacs!

Then I popped the slow cooker on, headed out for the day and came back to a perfect tasty tea. Yummy.


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