Edo Sushi Takeaway Sheffield

It was really lovely to find a suitable vegan and coeliac friendly takeaway available during lockdown in Edo Sushi in Sheffield.

I’ve eaten at Edo Sushi at the Cutlery Works and their full store in Sheffield city centre has the same menu. I’ve tucked into vegan sushi with some lovely Roku gin and tonic.


Coconut Curry Tofu with Sushi Rice and Salad

I love tofu. Cooking it with coconut oil and curry powder gives it a great flavour and makes it a centre point of this meal.

Make sure you use a firm tofu, I’m using Tofoo naked as it’s an extra firm and versatile tofu. Chop into small squares and add to a pan with coconut oil, a spoonful of curry powder and a pinch of salt. Fry for approximately 25 minutes turning and stirring regularly.

Whilst doing this prepare the other foods to go alongside. I’m using pre-cooked sushi rice (as it can take a little while to cook and I like it cold too) and sprinkling the rice with sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds.

I’m also using suitable salad vegetables and preparing chopped spinach, chopped lettuce, avocado, cucumber and cashew nuts.

I hope you enjoy the tofu and other vegetables as much as I have.

Edo Sushi, Cutlery Works Sheffield

Recently I’ve enjoyed a few meals at Cutlery Works in Sheffield. So it’s possible you will notice a theme in some of my blogs. This time I’m going to tell you about super tasty, vegan and gluten-free sushi I enjoyed from Edo Sushi.

Although some of the Asian tapas items contain gluten all the vegan sushi options are gluten-free. You can add dietary notes when you order on the Milestone App and you can speak in person to the team working.

I always feel so happy eating sushi and it’s reassuring to know there are plenty of vegan and coeliac friendly options available here.

Yo! Sushi

It can be surprisingly scary to eat out with dietary requirements. When you have several it can be really daunting so it was lovely to eat at Yo! Sushi in Meadowhall Sheffield where the lovely manager Kate helped me out with tasty free-from recommendations. 

I’m a lactose-intolerant, coeliac, vegetarian and have allergies to mushrooms and nuts so I can feel like a pain when I do eat out. The manager at Yo! Sushi is also a gluten free vegan and was able to make substitutions and recommendations. 

One of my favourite dishes even before I was diagnosed was the Kaiso salad. This is a salad of seaweed and carrot with a sesame dressing. To make the Kaiso salad celiac friendly make sure you have it prepared without the kaiso sauce, I’m happy to report it is just as delicious without the sauce. Yo! Sushi makes you feel really secure eating with allergies because as well as picking dishes off the belt you can also order dishes and they will make them to suit your needs perfectly.

Maki is a key sushi dish and one that I make at home when I make from scratch; it’s never as neat as the maki at Yo! though. I’ve tucked in happily to the avocado maki and the cucumber maki, which were both made without mayo to ensure the vegan credentials. The manager bought over a bottle of guaranteed gluten free soy sauce as an accompaniment so I didn’t have to miss out on any of the flavour.

My final dish was a recommendation from the manager (by the way she is called Kate and is brilliant – would very much recommend to any free-fromers or coeliacs in Sheffield looking for a nice meal). She organised for a hand roll to be madefrom scratch with suitable ingredients – it was absolutely lovely and made my night. 

It feels so nice tucking into lovely food and also feeling normal whilst you eat out. Definitely two thumbs up for Yo! Sushi.

Rainbow Sushi Salad

To go along with tasty sushi dishes I enjoy nothing more than a crunchy, vegan rainbow sushi salad, here are my ideas for a perfect sushi accompaniment.


Shelled Edamame Beans




Sesame oil

Toasted Sesame Seeds

Gluten Free Tamari


Start by griddling the tofu, I like a crispy, crunchy tofu in this salad cooked using sesame oil. Whilst cooking use the time to shell some edamame beans. Peel 2 carrots and then chop into thin batons. Chop the cucumber in the same way.

Add the shelled edamame beans, chopped carrot and cucumber to the tofu and stir in sweetcorn.

Use a teaspoon of sesame oil and of gluten free tamari to make a tasty and appropriate dressing. Stir through the salad and garnish with toasted sesame seeds.

Vegan Sushi

I love sushi, a lot of it is naturally gluten free and vegan so it seemed a good time to share some of my favourites with you all. You will need some tools for shaping the sushi, a sushi rolling mat will help you make the maki – or wraps. A nigiri mould will help you make the rice ball sushi.


Sushi Rice – 60g per person

Sushi Nori



Toasted Sesame Seeds


Vegan mayo


Gluten free Tamari

Sesame Oil

You can also use other vegetables including avocado, courgette, pepper

Start by cooking the rice. Unlike other rice it is important you bring the rice to boil quickly but then switch the heat down to a low-medium and simmer for approximately 20 minutes. In this way the rice will absorb the water and when cooked it will be fluffy and perfect for shaping. When coked through drain the water and leave to stand to cool.


I’m going to start by chatting you through a couple of maki dishes. These are the wraps with seaweed on the outside. Carefully line up your sushi nori (seaweed paper) on the rolling mat. Have the bamboo pointing vertically and, if the nori has perforated lines then ensure these are horizontal. Spoon a layer of rice over the left hand half of the nori and even it out to make sure it is perfectly flat.

When you have a layer of rice on the left half of your nori layer a line of chopped  veg right in the middle of the rice. I’ve used carrot and cucumber but you can also use avocado or courgette. As long as the veg is soft enough to cut though in one go you will be ok to use it. You can also sprinkle over toasted sesame seeds or a thin layer of vegan mayo. I like Mayola as a good vegan brand.

Use the rolling pad to roll over the top of the rice on the left of the nori, if you roll over in one go it makes a nice even wrap. Press hard and use your hands around the mat to gently squeeze into shape. Then use the mat to roll the remainder of the nori around the sushi.

When rolled remove from the rolling mat and chop widthways down your maki roll. If your nori has come with perforations you use these as your chopping guide.

Serve with gluten free tamari and enjoy.


The nigiri is in someway easier to shape than the maki sushi. One tp is to brush a small amount of sesame oil along the bottom clip in part of the mould. This will mean that when shaped the nigiri won’t prove tricky to remove from the mould.

Nigiri can be quite freestyle, you can layer veg or tofu at the top and then fill the mould with rice, or you can fill the mould with rice and layer the bottom with vegetables.

I’ve made nigiri using cucumber, radish, tofu, toasted sesame seeds. When layered and moulded remove the bottom of the mould and place gentle pressure on the top of the mould to remove the nigiri.

Hope you enjoy making sushi, it can be a great date afternoon and a tasty, healthy lunch ideal for coeliacs and vegans.