(Soya) Cream of tomato soup

This is one of the simplest gluten and dairy free recipes but it is a definite winner. Taking inspiration from a food icon and an every day staple this soup is tasty and delicious.

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I start by roughly chopping a punnet of fresh plum tomatoes. I used the mini ones. Although it can be tempting to use the cartons or tins of ready chopped tomatoes I think the fresh tomatoes are worth it as it tastes far better and gives the additional crunch from the tomato seeds.

Pop the chopped tomatoes in a pan with some fresh chopped basil and a little olive oil. Simmer gently on a medium heat for a few minutes until the tomatoes start to soften and release juice. I actually then add the stock cube to the tomatoes and let it start to dissolve in the oil with the tomatoes forming a sort of tomato / stock paste mix.

Then add boiling water and cook on a medium to high heat for approximately 20 minutes. Blitz with a blender to create a chunky hearty soup.

Stir through and serve with a healthy splash of single soya cream, I use the Alpro branded single soya as it’s a little less sweet than some of the others (in my opinion anyway).

Voila, a tasty creamy soup which will be as memorable as Andy Warhol’s favourite brand!

Vegetable Patch Soup

Its May Day bank holiday and to celebrate the start of the summer months and hopefully some summer wedding I am making a delicious vegetable soup full of delicious greens that will make it taste like the summer veg patch is overflowing and full.

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Start by peeling and then chopping and cubing 3 small – medium carrots. Add these to the soup pan or slow cooker. Then chop 2 medium courgettes the same.  Both carrots and courgettes will soften as the soup cooks but do make sure you chop into small pieces as this isn’t a soup we are going to blend.

Then chop a handful of mange tout and baby corn. These light and delicate vegetables really add to the summery taste of the soup. Chop a yellow pepper into small squares and finely slice 2 spring onions. I also love broccoli in this (as well as loving the calcium it brings to my diet) and am using some tenderstem purple sprouting broccoli. I’m chopping the florets and also some of the leaves to go in!

Add chopped parsley and black pepper and then pour over hot vegetable stock. I always use Kallo vegetable stock cubes as they are gluten free and have low salt! To make the stock heartier I used two stock cubes but definitely don’t need to add any salt to the soup!

Cook for a few hours and serve when all the veg is soft and tasty. Amazing and a real vitamin boost.

Lentil and Vegetable Soup

Good morning! I’m not sure where February has got to but it’s definitely time for a healthy, vegetable Sunday. I’m off out on a nice walk so I’m using my slow cooker to make a healthy, lentiley, chunky soup that will be ready for lunch by the time I get back.

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Start by chopping the veggies. Peel and chop a large sweet potato and large carrot. I chop them into small squares approx 5ml x 5ml as this is a no blend soup and the vegetables give a great tasty crunch. Add these into the slow cooker. Chop one large white onion finely and add this in too.

I then add a couple of tablespoons of red lentils and brown lentils into the mix. Lentils are fantastic foods and absolutely packed full of fibre. They are really great not only for coeliac and vegan diets but for everyone. High fibre diets help to manage blood sugar levels as they burn energy slowly and steadily. They are high in protein reducing the need for meat or meat substitutes and help promote heart health with a strong combination of minerals.

All in all lentils are full on super heroes.

I then pour on a pint and a half of stock. As a coeliac I use Kallo vegetable stock as it is fully gluten free, tasty and vegan!

I’m going to pop on high and then get out in the fresh winter sunshine, knowing that my lunch will be waiting for me when I get back.

Creamy Roast Vegetable Soup

Happy new year! My resolution for 2016 is to keep finding new recipes and idea to try to keep my year tasty and exciting.

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I’m going to kick off the new year with an indulgent, veggie filled soup which will make you never miss dairy again. It combines great tasting roast vegetables with soya cream for a gluten free, lactose free vegan lunch time.

First I prepare all my vegetables ready for roasting. I start by chopping 3 courgettes into slices and then quartering, chop 2 red and 2 yellow peppers into small squares and quarter 3 large vine tomatoes. I pop all of these into a large roasting tin and add 3 cloves of garlic, I peel the cloves but leave them whole so that they can roast and imbue the flavour through the vegetables. Pour on a tablespoon of olive oil and finely chopped basil.

Roast all the vegetables on a 200 degree heat for about an hour. This will give the vegetables time to crisp and to cook right through.

Today I’m actually going to take the slow cooker approach and combine the roasted vegetables with 100ml soya cream and 400ml vegetable stock. I use Kallo low salt vegetable stock cubes for an easy gluten free vegetable stock. Cook in the slow cooker for a few hours (or in my case until I’m home from a bracing January walk) and blitz with a blender for a smooth and creamy taste. I’ve found my family and friends can’t even tell it’s dairy substitute! Viva la Veganism.