Mountain Cafe, Aviemore, Gluten-free, Vegan options in the Highlands

As a coeliac and a vegan I still default to the assumption that I won’t be able to eat out in smaller towns or in places without chain restaurants where I know the options. It makes me so happy when I’m completely incorrect about that and come across somewhere as wonderful as the Mountain Cafe in Aviemore.

We weren’t expecting I would find somewhere to eat in the small mountain town of Aviemore whilst we were tripping through for the weekend but seeing the signs outside which highlighted that gluten free and vegan options were available we went to check.

I actually had a choice of 3 different dishes and felt really reassured by them double checking with the chef and explaining the alternatives. The fact that the menus all had clear indicators of which allergens and dietary requirements were available on every dish was ideal.

I opted for the veggie burger. Made from quinoa and red pepper this is probably in my top 3 GF, vegan burgers. The flavours and textures worked really well and went perfectly with spiralised vegetables, dressing and a banana chutney.

I would definitely recommend the Mountain Cafe for all veggies, vegans, coeliacs or anyone with an allergy as they are understanding and professional as well as serving up some tasty food.

Now to make my way back to the Cairngorms again soon to try the other dishes on the menu.

IceDelight, Scottish, vegan ice cream

During a relaxing November break in the Scottish borders I came across a real vegan treat.

Being lactose intolerant and coeliac it can be difficult to find desserts so it’s not hard to imagine how excited I was to find this delicious vegan alternative to ice cream. I came across this at a deli called The Store just outside Dunbar and was pleased to learn the fruit was grown and the dessert was produced locally too.

I enjoyed the gooseberry and elderflower flavoured pudding but looking on the website there are additional flavours to tuck into.

Despite the chilly November weather this dessert has been an excellent addition to my holiday. Tasty.