About this blog

My name is Natalie and I like my food. I like my food tasty, ethical and full of life.
As a vegetarian since childhood and developing allergies to nuts and mushrooms as an adult I am used to finding and creating exciting recipes and places to eat.
Having recently had a lactose intolerance and Coeliacs disease triggered by an illness I was devastated at how limited my diet was and convinced I would never enjoy eating again. I felt embarrassed at the idea of going into a restaurant. I found myself hiding gluten free biscuit bars in my handbag so I could avoid meals until I realised I could not carry on like this, nobody likes eating the same thing every day.
With a little creativity I have taken on my food challenge and found my hope and flavour again! I’m using this site to track and share recipes, places to eat and snacks that can bring some colour back onto my plate and into my life! So if you are in need of any lactose free, gluten free, nut free, mushroom free and meat free dishes, ideas and inspiration, or if you just like trying new things please crack on and read some of the tastiness that has been brining a little sunshine into my new diet.
I’ve tried to include as much info on dietary and nutritional information as I know myself but please be aware I am not qualified in this I just happen to like my food healthy, tasty and natural!

Natalie Photo for blog


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