Lingonberry Puff Pastry Swirl

I’m practising some desserts for Christmas. Since I have some fresh lingonberries from my parents I’m going to use them in a gluten free, dairy free pastry. 

I’m starting by cooking the lingonberries into a jam with sugar and a generous measure of gin. For additional Scandinavian points I’ve used Helsinki gin I bought during a holiday. 

Once the lingonberries have formed a chunky and tasty jam it’s time to start on the puff pastry. 

Did I say start? I meant unwrap. I am cheating terribly but the reason for this is the discovery that Tesco now do a gluten free, vegan, ready to roll puff pastry. It makes life so easy! 

Roll out the puff pastry so it makes several long pieces about 3 inches wide. Then spoon a thin layer of jam into the pastry and fold it over so you have an open tube of pastry and jam. Form the tubes into a circle, wrap it tight and bake in the oven for approximately 20 minutes. 

These are delicious served warm and they are definitely going onto my Christmas menu! 


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