Perfect Late Summer Chutney 

It’s apple time! To celebrate beautiful moment of the year when my neighbour presents me with a bucket full of apples fresh from their tree and all ready for me to transform into treats. 

This year I’m making a tasty chutney with a load of apples, a little pear and a generous serving of gin. 

Chop the apples and place into a large saucepan or cooking pot along with 2 chopped pears. I’m using my oval Le Creuset dish as it’s perfectly sized. Cover the fruit with demerara sugar, about 200g for a large pan full of fruit. 

Add 500ml red wine vinegar. I’m using red wine vinegar instead of other vinegar as it’s one of the gluten free vinegars suitable for coeliacs. Top with a generous helping of gin. Approximately 100ml. I’m using Arbikie’s gin as, like the vinegar, it’s completely gluten free. 

Switch the temperature up to high so the chutney can start bubbling and then when the liquid is beginning to boil turn down to a low temperature and simmer for about 2 hours stirring regularly. 

The apple and pear will break down forming a chutney of thick consistency. 

Dish into jars and allow to cool. This will be perfect with a gluten free cracker – I can’t wait. 


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