Chard and Asparagus Summer Perfection

Summer vegetables are a real delight. I love when they are fresh and you can taste the summer sunshine in every little leaf. This salad contains quite a few bright and seasonal greens and was inspired by my lovely friend Jo who brought me a bag full of homegrown yesterday. Thanks Jo!

Post 50 - chard and asparagus salad

I’m having this salad as my evening meal so I’ve started by steaming chopped new potatoes for a carby base. Potatoes offer a good gluten free carb for coeliacs and although it’s important not to over indulge carbohydrate is still a key part of a balanced diet.

I’m also steaming fresh asparagus and florets of broccoli. Broccoli contains an incredibly high amount of calcium which is key for coeliacs in preventing or reducing the chances of osteoporosis .  I also think broccoli is also really under used. It’s got a real stigma of “meat and 2 veg” that just feel boring and unhealthy. I love using broccoli as a key ingredient and this dish certainly does that.

When the potatoes, asparagus and broccoli have cooked place into a large salad bowl and mix through fresh chard which will wilt amongst the warm vegetables. I also add a handful of chopped black olives.

I have seasoned this dish but only really gently as the peppery chard has a beautiful flavour enough as it is. Drizzle with olive oil, a pinch of sea salt and black pepper and serve warm for the taste of summer on a plate.

As I write I’m tucking into this salad with a glass of dry white wine and although summer in Sheffield may be more thundery than sunny this dish can outshine all the rain outside.


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