Sesame and tamari tofu and spring greens

This is one of my all time favourite packed lunches. It’s packed full of protein and flavour to perk up any weekday lunch time and give me the energy to take on the afternoon.

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Most of the time I cook using plain tofu so I can add my own flavours but in this dish I’m actually using the Cauldron marinated tofu pieces, perfect and easy and the subtle marinade flavouring goes well with the spring greens. For 2 lunches I use a whole pack of the marinated tofu and pop into a roasting pan with a little sesame oil. Then chop mange tout; mange tout are a great source of protein and are low in cholesterol and fat making them a delicious addition to this salad. I also chop broccoli and add to the roasting pan with the mange tout and tofu. Broccoli is high in calcium so with the calcium and protein you really won’t be missing out on any goodness for this vegan dish.

Add a few dashes of gluten free tamari, I use the clear spring tamari to add taste and give me reassurance there is no gluten at all. Sprinkle over some toasted sesame seeds and pop into the oven on a low heat for 30 minutes, stir the roasting tofu and veg a couple of times whilst roasting.

Once cooked add chopped cucumber and portion into 2 tupperware dishes, perfect tasty lunches for the next few days all set.


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