Warm Edamame and Sesame Salad

Easter doesn’t have to be a time for unhealthy eating at all. I’m going to fly in the face of the chocolate trend with a yummy, warm salad packed with veggies and crunchy yumminess.

Post 38 photo

Warm a small amount of sesame oil in a pan, once warm add one chopped carrot cut into thin batons and one chopped courgette cut into thin batons. Add a small amount of minced garlic as the vegetables cook to make them taste lovely. After a few minutes add some chopped spring onions and some shelled edamame beans. I love edamame beans and edamame and carrots are a flavour combination I always think a winner.

When cooked add to chopped avocado and cucumber batons and dress with sesame seeds and gluten free tamari. Delicious hot or cold and perfect for some bank holiday vitamins.


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