Sweet potato, carrot and yellow split pea tagine with gluten free cous cous

Fighting off flu and October sniffles makes today a great day for a lunch full of delicious veggies and vitamins. I love warm and spicy food and today I’m going to mix up a traditional tagine with autumnal vegetables.

Tasty Autumnal Tagine
Tasty Autumnal Tagine

Start by peeling and roughly chopping 2 large sweet potatoes, 3 medium carrots and 2 medium white onions. Sweet potatoes have high levels of Vitamin A and C as well as minerals which help boost immune systems and all round health. As a coeliac sweet potatoes are a great and filling food as they help to bulk up dishes whilst avoiding gluten and carbohydrate. Much healthier than normal potatoes. Pop all the chopped vegetables into a tagine with olive oil and plenty of coriander, chopped garlic, chopped red chilli and some ginger and cook for 90 minutes or more. To ensure an even roast and coverage I stir the herbs and vegetables a few times whilst cooking. These vegetables can easily be cooked to the same effect in a slow cooker making it a great option for an easy midweek treat.

Yellow split peas contain high amounts of dietary fibre and protein whilst being low in fat and cholesterol. They are again full of vitamins and have a yummy, buttery taste. Whilst the vegetables is roasting cook yellow split peas in a pan, once water has been brought to the boil add the split peas and simmer for 30 – 40 minutes. Once cooked drain off the yellow split peas and stir through into the tagine and continue to cook.

I have really missed cous cous since I was diagnosed as a coeliac so I was really pleased to find a gluten free substitute at our local Asda. The gluten free cous cous is made from maize semolina and really easy to cook, just 5 minutes and some boiling water and it is ready to serve with our tasty tagine. Mmmm. Happy October everyone.


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