Aubergine and chickpea yumminess

I love chickpeas, as you may notice from their frequency in my diet, this is another brilliant and tasty meal which I love and as it is really versatile can be eaten as a main meal, warm or cold salad or as a side dish. Personally I love chickpea and aubergine on gluten free toast as a real treat – proper nutritional beans on toast!

Beautiful and nutritious
Beautiful and nutritious

As with my courgette and chickpea salad I toast the chickpeas first using a dessert spoon of olive oil, a clove of minced garlic, a sprig of chopped fresh rosemary and a small amount of rock salt and black pepper. You can either toast the chickpeas in the oven which will take about an hour on 200® or for a quick and easy toasting pop them into a frying pan, with this method you also get to enjoy watching the chickpeas sizzling and becoming all crunchy as they cook. Once cooked pop these delicious chickpeas to one side to cook the aubergine.

Chickpeas are a great source of protein and really good for everyone to eat, whether veggie, coeliac or otherwise. I cannot recommend them enough.

Cut the aubergine into pieces roughly 2 – 3 cms, and then lightly fry. As with the chickpeas you can cook these all together in a roasting pan or if this is a quick meal after work use the same pan as you used to cook the chickpeas and cook until squishy, golden and tasty.

Whilst the aubergine is cooking slice some black olives finely and chop some spinach. High in vitamins including vitamins A, C and K as well as rich in minerals, calcium and iron means that spinach is ideal for boosting your body, even if it doesn’t have quite the Popeye effect.


Add the chopped spinach, olives and the toasted chickpeas to the pan with the aubergine once cooked and serve warm and tasty.

Protein rich, gluten free and vegan food is definitely the best and will help you to feel energetic and invigorated.

This meal is even approved by this little guy who tried to eat most of my serving!
This meal is even approved by this little guy who tried to eat most of my serving!

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