Sunny, ice cream surprise at Cresswell Crags

OK, so I really, really do promise I don’t only eat coconut but finding a lactose free coconut milk ice cream out whilst out on a sunny afternoon walk is just too good to miss!

I miss ice cream, especially on a day trip when all the lactose eaters are happily tucking in so imagine my delight at discovering that the cafe at Cresswell Crags stocks these magic little pots of Snowconut by The Coconut Collaborative who specialise in making the world yummy as well as fair!

In addition the cafe has homemade gluten free cakes (sadly not lactose free as well) and rolls to go with the soup.

Cresswell Crags is a truly wonderful day out where you can walk through history glimpsing prehistoric life and nature in the rock caves and rock art as well as revelling in the well preserved, stunning natural gorge. Good work Cresswell Crags for making my day and welcoming the lactose free, the gluten free and the veggies amongst us.

Beautiful Cresswell Crags
Beautiful Cresswell Crags

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