Edo Sushi Takeaway Sheffield

It was really lovely to find a suitable vegan and coeliac friendly takeaway available during lockdown in Edo Sushi in Sheffield.

I’ve eaten at Edo Sushi at the Cutlery Works and their full store in Sheffield city centre has the same menu. I’ve tucked into vegan sushi with some lovely Roku gin and tonic.

Five Rivers at Cutlery Works Sheffield

I’ve been to the Cutlery Works a few times and always been excited at the amount of choice available for coeliacs and vegans. Every time I go I try a new dish from a different vendor and I was really pleased with this choice of meal from Five Rivers Vietnamese.

This is the Bún Noodle Salad featuring twice fried tofu, vermicelli noodles, carrot salad, mint, coriander, spring onion, cucumber and red cabbage.

It was so filling and delicious. I almost didn’t have space for the summer rolls filled with noodles, veggies and curry tofu.

All gluten free and vegan dishes are marked on the menu so you can plan in advance what you are having. Although you order through an app you can add notes about dietary requirements and allergy needs.

I will definitely be eating at Five Rivers again as I loved this meal.

Edo Sushi, Cutlery Works Sheffield

Recently I’ve enjoyed a few meals at Cutlery Works in Sheffield. So it’s possible you will notice a theme in some of my blogs. This time I’m going to tell you about super tasty, vegan and gluten-free sushi I enjoyed from Edo Sushi.

Although some of the Asian tapas items contain gluten all the vegan sushi options are gluten-free. You can add dietary notes when you order on the Milestone App and you can speak in person to the team working.

I always feel so happy eating sushi and it’s reassuring to know there are plenty of vegan and coeliac friendly options available here.

SHED at the Cutlery Works Sheffield

I love finding new places to eat out and when I visited Cutlery Works Sheffield I found quite a few! Cutlery Works is a food court with shared eating space and a number of independent small food kitchens. For once it was lovely to be a coeliac vegan who was actually spoilt for choice as a number of the kitchens offered suitable food and allergy signage was great.

In the end I opted to order from SHED, a plant based kitchen on the first floor towards the far end bar. SHED had quite a few options I could choose from and were really helpful when I spoke to them in person about allergies and dietary requirements. I had an antipasto board to start (the homemade lemon and sesame seed humous is delicious).

For my main I tucked into this delicious green Buddha bowl curry. I really liked the inclusion of wild rice and the fresh vegetables were lovely in the curry and had enough crunch to feel nutritious.

As well as a choice of places to eat there are a few bars, smoothie and coffee options available. Much too full for a smoothie it was definitely a gin day and the Boseden Rose is a lush floral accompaniment to a beautiful veggie meal.

Yo! Sushi

It can be surprisingly scary to eat out with dietary requirements. When you have several it can be really daunting so it was lovely to eat at Yo! Sushi in Meadowhall Sheffield where the lovely manager Kate helped me out with tasty free-from recommendations. 

I’m a lactose-intolerant, coeliac, vegetarian and have allergies to mushrooms and nuts so I can feel like a pain when I do eat out. The manager at Yo! Sushi is also a gluten free vegan and was able to make substitutions and recommendations. 

One of my favourite dishes even before I was diagnosed was the Kaiso salad. This is a salad of seaweed and carrot with a sesame dressing. To make the Kaiso salad celiac friendly make sure you have it prepared without the kaiso sauce, I’m happy to report it is just as delicious without the sauce. Yo! Sushi makes you feel really secure eating with allergies because as well as picking dishes off the belt you can also order dishes and they will make them to suit your needs perfectly.

Maki is a key sushi dish and one that I make at home when I make from scratch; it’s never as neat as the maki at Yo! though. I’ve tucked in happily to the avocado maki and the cucumber maki, which were both made without mayo to ensure the vegan credentials. The manager bought over a bottle of guaranteed gluten free soy sauce as an accompaniment so I didn’t have to miss out on any of the flavour.

My final dish was a recommendation from the manager (by the way she is called Kate and is brilliant – would very much recommend to any free-fromers or coeliacs in Sheffield looking for a nice meal). She organised for a hand roll to be madefrom scratch with suitable ingredients – it was absolutely lovely and made my night. 

It feels so nice tucking into lovely food and also feeling normal whilst you eat out. Definitely two thumbs up for Yo! Sushi.