IKEA Veggie Balls – gluten free & vegan

Plant based choices are really taking off and I’m delighted to be finding vegan and coeliac friendly foods in places I wouldn’t usually look for them.

Following a lead from a vegan friend I recently got myself to IKEA to sample their veggie take on the iconic Swedish meatballs.

I have not been dissaoppointed. In the food section before the exit (several packs of candles and mini cacti after I arrived) I found the frozen veggie balls called Allemansrätten. You can buy a quite frankly huge bag for only £3.95 so it’s very affordable.

Also very easy, they cook from frozen and take less than 20 minutes. I’ve cooked these tasty gluten free goodies with kale, spinach garlic and green beans and served with hearty brown rice for a summery and delicious evening meal.

Happy IKEA-ing to all!

Gluten Free, Vegan Cupcakes (accesorised with Moomins) 

I’m definitely getting in the spirit for the first episode of Great British Bake Off as the new series starts tonight! 

As I’m lactose intolerant and a coeliac I don’t tend to do much baking these days but I’ve made a special effort and whipped up some gluten freee, vegan cakes. 

I’m lying. I’ve made no effort at all. These cakes came from a ready mix I actually found in Aldi. Betty Crocker Gluten Free Devil Food Cake Mix. The instructions say to mix with eggs, water and vegetable oil but I’ve replaced the egg with vegan alternative before mixing and it’s worked out perfectly. 

Following the steps are simple. Mix all the ingredients together and pour into cupcake cases or a greased cake tin and bake for approximately 25 minutes. 

Once cooked and cooled I have made my own chocolate icing with Vitalite, icing sugar and cocoa powder. I’ve also topped some with Moomin cake toppers made of rice paper, not all because I ran out though. This box made 24 cakes so I will be tucking in for a while. A perfect accompaniment for when Bake Off starts at 8pm! 

Under Kastenjen, Stockholm

I’ve always really enjoyed trips to Scandinavia as due to high levels of diagnosed coeliac disease, lactose and gluten intolerance there is an abundance of gluten, lactose free and vegan foods. 

Whilst in holiday in Stockholm today I’ve enjoyed some real treats, including the sneaky ice cream below. Strawberry and elderflower sorbet. Mmmmm. 

After a busy day sightseeing (and tucking into ice cream) we were ready for a nice evening meal. Which is perfect because we found Under Kastenjen in Old Town, Stockholm. 

Under Kastenjen means under the chestnut tree, named for a beautiful tree in a narrow medieval courtyard. 

Under Kastanjen is open during the day as a cafe and bakery. They actually have two bakeries on site, one entirely gluten and lactose free. They sell a range of pastries and coffees. 

In the evening they are a restaurant and bar. Serving food in the formal restaurant downstairs, the informal cafe area and at their courtyard tables. All the starters, mains and desserts are either gluten and lactose free or they can be adjusted to make them gluten and lactose free. If like me you are also a veggie they have several veggie options. 

Whilst you wait for your food they also dish up homecooked gluten free bread and I had apricot and raisin loaf. My main was the veggie bean burger which came with a delicious mango salsa and chips. 

In addition to super coeliac-friendly food the service was also excellent and the team were really friendly and helpful. Definitely a spot I would recommend for all.