Wood Fired Pizza Co. At Sheffield Botanic Gardens

Bonfire night is one of my favourite times of the year. As well as being delighted by the seasonal treats at Sheffield Botanic Gardens Illuminations I was also thrilled to find one of the food vans offered gluten free and vegan pizza options.

I had a Veggie Full House on a gluten free base but without mushrooms. The base was delicious and I really enjoyed the combination of vegan cheese, spinach, olives and onions. I’m so glad I found their van!

The Incredible Bakery Company

I came across this lovely team at Greenbelt Festival in August. The were working from a stall serving food all day and evening and it was lovely to find somewhere I could eat all the food!

I spoke to the lady running the stall and she started her baking when her son was diagnosed with multiple allergies and dietary issues. The food served is all free from the 14 most common allergens.

I loved the bread rolls and the pizza and would highly recommend to everyone if they come across them!

Whole Creations, Roasted Tomato and Basil, Sheesy Pizza

Other gluten free, dairy free pizza fall back, we have a clear winner now with Whole Creations latest vegan and coeliac friendly offering.

I first came across Sheese at the allergy show in Glasgow 2016 and since then I have made my way to Holland as Barratt to get my hands on it regularly. Finding it now served with a gluten free pizza base, gluten free basil pesto and tasty toppings has been incredible.

I would highly recommend for all, this is one tasty pizza.

Pizza Express

I recently heard a rumour that Pizza Express had expanded their gluten free menu to include a vegan cheese. Naturally I needed to find out more. Quickly. So off I popped to my nearest Pizza Express. 

When I arrived I spoke to the manager who provided me with full allergy menus and options. They spoke to me about my needs, made recommendations and discussed it with the chef.

I ordered the gluten free dough balls with olive oil and balsamic followed by a gluten free margherita with vegan cheese. 

The food was delicious, the service was inclusive and I was in no way unwell. 

I would highly recommend and look forward to a future trip. 

Zizzi’s – Gluten Free, Vegan Menu

During a day out in Nottingham my friend said we should go for lunch. I was all ready to go to the usual spots I know when they said we were heading to Zizzi’s instead. 

They had researched the menu and found I could have a full 3 course meal even though I’m a coeliac, vegan with a lot of dietary requirements and allergies. 

When we got in I asked for the gluten free menu and found they had a vegan menu as well and lots of keys beside the dishes. Vegan options on the gluten free menu had Ve next to them. 

My friend was right I could eat starter, main and dessert! To start I had marinated olives. When they brought the food over they had a sticker on the dish to indicate the dietary requirements and they told me about their separate preparation areas for specialist diets. 

My main was incredible. I had a gluten free margherita with vegan cheese. It was the best gluten free, vegan pizza I’ve had. I loved it. Perfect for lactose intolerance and vegan needs. 

After my delicious pizza I tucked into vegan and gluten free ice cream – coconut and dairy free chocolate flavour and a lemon sorbet and raspberry sorbet. 

The staff were all helpful and supportive and the food was amazing. I left full and very happy. 

I will definitely be returning.