Cherry and Coconut GF, Vegan Pancakes

These are amazing. I’m going to admit straight up here that these are a packet mix and not from scratch. But what a brilliant, tasty and easy packet mix it is and easy to add flavours to.

Made by Sweetpea Bakery this gluten free pancake mix has vegan instructions for cooking. I’ve use Alpro Coconut Milk and added to the mix with egg replacement and dried cherries. This gives the pancakes a fruity, coconutty taste. Whisk all the ingredients together well before adding to a pre heated pan with oil. Cook until bubbles appear on the top and then flip over for an even cook.

I like that even with the coconut and cherries the pancakes are not too sweet.

I’m going to be trying these pancakes again with different flavours and thoroughly recommend you do too!

Vegan, gluten free pancakes with scrambled tofu

It’s a bank holiday Monday and there is nothing better to start the day than a hearty brunch. Whether you have a big day ahead, a big relaxation planned or indeed a big hangover brunch is the way forward and I’ve made a super tasty breakfast today. 


I’m using a little cheat this morning in the form of a gluten free, dairy free batter mix. I picked this up from Sainsburys and it can be used for pancakes, Yorkshire puddings or other batter recipes. 
Start by mixing an egg alternative (equivalent of 2 eggs), 175ml dairy free milk and a teaspoon of vegetable oil in a jug. Beat well until completely mixed. Then pour steadily into a large mixing bowl containing the batter mix. Mix until completely smootg and light. 

Warm a little vegetable oil in a large frying pan and when warm pour over a small amount of batter mix. Turn the pan gently from side to side so the batter mix fills the pan and creates a nice pancake shape. Cook on a high heat for approximately 2 minutes and then flip the pancake to cook the other side as thoroughly and ensure an evenly cooked pancake. Remove the pancake and continue on with the mix. Using these measurements I’ve made a total of 6 pancakes. 

Scrambled Tofu

Whilst cooking the pancakes I’ve made a protein rich vegan brunch staple of scrambled tofu. It’s incredibly easy and very tasty. Warm a teaspoon of oil in a separate frying pan and when warm break a block of tofu into the pan. 

I use Cauldron tofu for this as it breaks simply and you can just pull the block apart with your hands. Flavour with a little salt and pepper and cook until the tofu starts to brown. Eat warm. 

I’ve combined my pancakes and scrambled tofu and served with tomato, basil and a little balsamic glaze. A perfect hearty breakfast suitable for all diets.